You've heard about Vegas' vibrant nightlife, but do you know about the many available shooting packages? There are tons of gun shooting ranges near the Strip and all of them are designed to turn you into a sharpshooter. Here are the five best shooting ranges near the Vegas Strip:

1. Bullets and Burgers

Bullets and Burgers

Bullets and Burgers is an outdoor shooting range designed to increase your adrenaline levels. Here, you will mainly be engaged in long-range shooting. The club has a comprehensive machine gun range set up. There is a handy ATV to move you through rocky ground for a memorable outdoor adventure. Some of the guns you will shoot include AK47, Barret 50, Desert Eagle, Galil, M4, and MP5. From its name, this club is not all about shooting bullets. Hungry revelers can satisfy their stomach's cravings with juicy bacon cheeseburgers.

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