With normalcy returning, this year there are more ways to celebrate Memorial Day than last year. Whether you’re looking to entertain your family indoors or to get out of the house, there’s plenty to do in Las Vegas. Here’s a list of events slated to take place over the Memorial Day weekend and on Memorial Day.

1. All Motown Sunset Show

All Motown Sunset Show

The All Motown group is known for putting on fascinating shows since they premiered on March 5, entertaining countless people in the city.  Over Memorial Day weekend, the concert will be  on the Alexis Park Resort’s rooftop terrace, allowing you to soak up gorgeous city views while grooving to Motown hits. The concerts are May 27, 28, 29, and 30. The rooftop experience is one-of-a-kind, with ambient views of the sunset from the rooftop, casting a romantic glow.

 Tickets start at $44.95,worth every cent, as their performances are exceptional, always leaving their audience in awe and applauding wildly when it’s over.

All Motown the Hottest Motown Revue in Vegas


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