Las Vegas is home to a plethora of strange sights that would be absolutely bizarre anywhere else in the world. In Sin City, however, these are the norm! Naturally, this extends to some of the most popular restaurants in the city, many of which are uniquely themed or decorated to capture a particular vibe! Here are the five weirdest restaurants in Las Vegas!

2. Capo’s Italian Cuisine

Capo’s Italian Cuisine

If you’re familiar with your history of the prohibition period, you’ll know what a speakeasy is. If you aren’t, it’s very simple - They are joints that were set up as illicit centers for smuggling alcohol. Today, however, times have changed - Speakeasies are now open and legal, but choose to maintain their traditional rules and approach. Capo’s Italian Cuisine, which can be found in the West Tropicana part of Vegas, is one such establishment. Capo’s is particularly famous in Sin City, and is known to stay as true to its roots as possible - They don’t have a front door, for example! To get a true look into the culture that was prevalent during the times of prohibition, one must venture into a speakeasy - they feature classic food, shows, entertainment, and in some cases, gambling, while also doubling up as a bar! They truly capture a 1920s vibe, and Capo’s Italian Cuisine is an excellent example of one such speakeasy in the Las Vegas area.


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