Excellent Korean BBQ & Japanese grill

Asian food lovers, you need a visit to Las Vegas' Chosun Hawro & Nara Teppan. This Korean BBQ and Japanese grill, located inside Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile Shops, serves top-notch food at very reasonable prices.

Chosun Hawro has a big menu but if you love BBQ then go for the special beef order. They have several combo specials depending on the size of your party. The beef is superb and better than most Korean restaurants in the city. There are many other dishes to choose from, including bibimbap, kimchi, spicy pork, bulgogi, edamame, Korean galbi dishes, buckwheat noodle dishes, doenjang jjigae, banchan, and many more. Overall, the food is excellent, but the place is not cheap. For a decent meal for two, be prepared to spend $120-$150. 

Reservations and masks are required. 

Chosun Hawro is a spacious restaurant, tactfully decorated and classy. You will not be disappointed with the food or the ambiance.

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