Omega Mart is a spectacle for the eyes

There is a new grocery store in Area15, and it's the talk of the town in Las Vegas. The extensive store is quite a spectacle with beautiful and creative art installations and zany products. In fact,  Omega Mart is now referred to as America's Most Exceptional Grocery store.

What to Expect

The 200,000 square foot space comprises 60 installation-filled rooms made by several renowned artists and includes several portals and terrains. There are four principal themed areas starting with Omega Mart, designed like a massive box grocery retail outlet. Here, you will find some unique custom-made products such as Nebula loaf and Americanized beef.

On the second level, space feels a little more corporate with Dramcorp offices, where you get a look at a fictitious family-owned business that has plenty of office space with a Tron-inspired theme and aesthetic. You can explore part of the processes that go into creating some of the unique products by Omega Mart as the factory showcases some select operations and production procedures in this vast space. It is a fascinating process to follow and see how some of the signature products come into existence. There are many other rooms all over the exhibition complex, featuring several artists and creators such as Claudia Bueno and others.

The Bar Datamosh is an added feature of the exhibition serving classic drinks and cocktails to its customers. Try their Old-Fashioned Spray or Meowji while you visit; they are some of the two highly recommended choices on their list. More spaces for other retail, food, and drink shops and cafes will be available as the exhibition grows over time.

Overall, the store offers various activities to suit all kinds of people: families, couples, or friends.

Working Hours

The complex will have different working hours during the week, open from 3 pm to 9 pm Monday through to Thursday, and 3 pm to midnight on Friday. On Saturday, the store opens doors 10 am to midnight, reopens on Sunday at 10 am, and closes by8 pm. You can buy admission tickets in advance at $45 for general admission and$40 for children and the elderly. You get a $10 discount for Nevada residents on the admission fees.

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