The most iconic performers in Sin City aren't celebrity headliners- they're showgirls. From their elaborate feathered headdresses to their bejeweled costumes and sky-high stilettos, Vegas showgirls are instantly recognizable across the world. This week, Vegas411 spoke to La Luna from the hit show BurlesQ. Relax and step into her world with us.

Bold. Sensuous. Mesmerizing. These are the words that come to mind when you watch BurlesQ, an all-female revue at the Alexis Park Resort that launched to great acclaim at the end of 2020. 

“BurlesQ is for everyone that wants to have a good time!” says Claudia Cervenka, a dancer who plays La Luna in the show.

“We have something for everyone. We've had bachelor and bachelorette parties, people celebrating birthdays, couples enjoying a night out.”

BurlesQ isn’t Claudia’s first major role. You may have seen the highly trained dancer performing in shows like Folies Bergere and Jubilee on The Strip. Now, she’s seducing audiences four nights a week. 

“As La Luna, I’m the classy Vegas showgirl served up in a peacock costume,” Claudia explains. “The look is definitely vintage Vegas.” 

Watch BurlesQ, and you enter a sensual dream, a fantasy world inhabited by alluring, mysterious women. The show uses music and dance to immerse you in the glamorous world of the Roaring 20s. Women love the show as much as men. 

“We have men coming to see beautiful women, but we also have women coming to see the glam of Vegas. It's so fun to perform when we hear a bunch of women cheering for us. Women supporting women!” smiles Claudia. 

“We do classy Vegas burlesque with a vintage vibe. Who wouldn't want to enjoy that?”

BurlesQ debuted in December 2020 when the entertainment world was still reeling from the effects of COVID-19. The show bloomed out of the darkness and provided much-needed escapism and joy.

 "Our first show was the most memorable because we opened during a pandemic! That was surreal,” says Claudia.

“I'm so grateful to be on stage again and to see my girls every night. We're a small cast, so we're close. Luckily we all get along!!

You can watch BurlesQ at 9:30 pm Thursday through Sunday nights at the Alexis Park Resort. Purchase tickets by visiting or by calling the TicketKite box office at 702-483-8056

Find Claudia on Instagram: @Claudia Cervenka

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