Do you know the story of Ryan Ryback Reeves? While the name might not sound all that familiar now, he was once a WWE superstar on the verge of greatness. Unfortunately for him, however, his backstage issues and reckless nature would ultimately be his downfall.

Ryan Ryback Reeves. 

A lot of people probably don't know who the hell that is. Believe it or not, he was once a main event level Superstar in WWE. In fact, Ryback would go on to compete for the company's top prize on several occasions when he debuted. 

Unfortunately for Ryback, his fall was about as quick as his rise. About a year after his debut, he went grouped up with Curtis Axel. The two would go on to compete for several Tag Team titles but always come up short. After they disbanded, Ryback went on to feud for the Intercontinental Title- which he ended up winning in a six-man elimination chamber match. The title would mark the first and only time he would hold gold in WWE. This was also around the time that he started dropping further and further down the card.

How did it end, though? Well, that all depends on who you ask. According to Mike Johnson from PWinsider, Ryback got heat backstage after a 2014 match with Dolph Ziggler, where he hit him with a stiff clothesline, which resulted in a concussion. This is said to be when Ryback earned a reputation as an unsafe worker and was constantly left off feuds due to his recklessness. 

CM Punk would echo these sentiments in a podcast shoot interview, where he would refer to Ryback as the steroid guy and told listeners that working with Ryback took 20 years of his life. Ryback denied these claims and was even backed up by WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho, who claimed that the former Intercontinental champion was always fun to work with. 

Ryback's argument that all Superstars should be paid the same salary due to match outcomes being predetermined eventually led to a contract dispute which got him kicked off television until a deal could be reached. 

That didn't happen, however.

Where is he now? Although Ryback doesn't compete very often, he was undefeated on the independent circuit for over a year and is still taking bookings from various companies. He has also started feedmemorenutrion, a supplemental plan that's designed to help you develop the body of your dreams. 

He also hosts his own podcast called The Ryback show. He talks about the current wrestling industry and gives glimpses into his life post-WWE life.

Ryback had all the makings of a top Superstar in WWE looks-wise, but no talent. He was a charisma vacuum and never able to connect with the fans. 

However, he did have a nice little career in WWE, got to mix it up with several Superstars in the process, and is making a decent living with his supplement plan. Also, who knows! Maybe WWE will patch things up with Ryback in the future and bring him back in some capacity.