Believe it or not, the Las Vegas Raiders might have one of the most complicated Quarterback situations in the entire NFL

Another season, another discussion about who should start for the Las Vegas Raiders.

And while it's no secret that Derek Carr is pretty much guaranteed the starting spot, a pessimist would argue that he might not keep the job very long.  In fact, with his inefficiency in key games last season and the growing support for backup QB Marcus Mariota, it’s easy to imagine a world where the Raiders put their support behind someone else.

For example, let’s say that Derek Carr doesn't get off to a great start, maybe fumbles a few key plays. That’s where Mariota can step in. After all, Mariota has nothing to lose at this point. He already signed a lower-paid deal just to stay with the team. This is essentially a do-or-die situation for him.

It all sounds great until you remember that while Mariotta is one of the fastest Quarterbacks in the league, he also has a relatively small frame. Add in his laundry list of past injuries, and he's no longer a sure bet either. The Raiders can't tailor their offense towards Mariota and his running game, only to lose him a few games into the season.

So. Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota? It's going to be interesting to see how the season plays out. 

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